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a tale of four galaxies

Dragon Chaser is part of the Genesis Project expanded universe, a massive sci-fi epic with a multi-generational story spanning four galaxies. genesis project is a series of novels from ravania entertainment.

rhuben fafth

calidamin wiini-mur abrok iii

captain promus


briton brutimax

Captain Promus Pikta is on the hunt for the Dragon Chaser, a legendary man in the four galaxies said to be in possession of a powerful artifact, but there's a problem, captain promus has captured four dragon chasers. are any the real deal or are they all frauds? one thing is certain, these four unlikely friends must escape before captain promus finds out the truth.

an adventure on hiatus

i haven't actively updated the webcomic since 2014. No updates are planned at this time for Dragon Chaser as i focus on other projects, but the story continues to loom in my mind...