AN ancient legacy

way back in 2007 i worked at a pulp mill in my home town in northern british columbia. my family and friends would ask me how my day at work went and what i did there, so one day during my lunch break i drew a comic to answer their questions. the comic quickly slipped into craziness and norman's day at work was born. the pulp mill, its mysterious machinery, strange temperature fluctuations, and my quirky coworkers became a source of creative inspiration that fueled over 100 pages of comic strips.

you can read the original two issues for  free below:

issue #1

issue #2

a series of norman's day at work newspaper funnies was published in byu-idaho's the scroll. you can read those strips in the newspaper's digital archive by following this link: click here

a saga reborn

in the ten years that followed norman's day at work i got married and we had two amazing children, and now family life has become the abundant source of creative inspiration that the mill once was. a new chapter in the ever-growing saga of norman's day at work has begun with soulmate chronicles.